Kevin & Natalie Campbell

The wedding.

The Campbell family has never had a wedding quite so extravagant.  Kevin and Natalie have some great friends and family that helped them put on this fabulous party.

Take some time and look at the pictures.  Please email any comments and I will make sure that they get back to the family.  Family, please let me know if you want your email address linked from here for direct comments.

Meanwhile, here are most of the pictures that I took.  I would like to have any others that you might want posted here for the rest of the family to look at.  Please send them to me here.

I am still updating this page.  All of the pictures below are now linked to the larger image.  I am looking through some of the other pictures that I took and will possible get them put up at a later time.  I am still looking for pictures from you to post.  This page is from my perspective and shows mainly my immediate family.  I would like to balance it out, but I don't have the pictures.


I also need captions for the pictures.  Your suggestions will be nice to have.  Please use the email link above.