On October 6, 2002 Alison Campbell and Robert Branum were married on Clam Beach, just north of Eureka California at 2pm in the afternoon.  It was a simple and beautiful ceremony attended by their immediate family and their close friends in the area.  There were many pictures taken and we have put many of them here.  Feel free to browse down the page and experience the happiness of the day.


Here we are getting ready.

I need my hair and makeup done.


Farzana, one of my best friends, on the left.


This is a lot of work.

I'm ready to go.  Wonder where Rob is.


We took a friends car to the beach and met up with my parents.


Here we are putting flowers on my parents.


(l) Mom, Dad, sister Katherine and Vanessa.  (r) Rob and his Mother


Waiting on the beach for the bride to arrive.


Farzana leads the way with Dad and Bride following after.


Here we are getting married.


At the Reception.


We had the reception at the Porter House Barbecue in Eureka.

Rob is a manager and cook at the restaurant.

Tossing the bridal bouquet.


Cutting the cade.


It's been a long day.